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10/30/12 Out today, the final Lucette Bourdin CD titled "Breath of Grace." This CD contains the tracks that Lucette was working on at the time of her untimely passing. A Very powerful statement. There are a few remix projects in the works, more on that later.
10/17/2012 Out today are 3 CDs that have been burning up the release calendar for a few months. First up we have Nephets Blip's new CD recorded Live at Constant Space. Next up is the third installment of Stephen Philips' experimentation in altered states of consciousness, Fugue States Volume 3, which continues and expands on the dramatic elements which have predominated the series. And finally, the latest in the #8 in Cyber Sleep saga. Oh yeah, we've all been there. And FWIW, I'm trying to get Volumes 1 through 3 prepared for re-release. It's long overdue for sure.
10/2/2012 Ok, yeah so it's been a ridiculously long time since I've updated the site but ... well I'll spare you the particulars. My new CD Cycles 8 is finally up and new Lucette Bourdin is up too. Her "final" CD called "A View From A Far." Also finally up is my new downloadable release "Installations 6." To sweeten the pot, we also add a new Experimental Psychology release called "Strange Lights" which finds them continuing on in their space exploration.
2/2/2010 Out today, a new CD from Orion's Belt called "The Mysteries of Time." This CD features the collaborative efforts of Jim Brenholts and Darren Rogers. It was completed just 1 month prior to Jim's untimely death. The CD is dedicated to his memory. Musically, it is a beautifully haunting set of drone pieces. Not to be missed. Also out later in February, 2 solo Rigel Orionis (Jim Brenholts) works. "The Drone Tone" and "Creative Sociopathy" both recorded in 2007.
10/17/09 JUST ANNOUNCED, a live online streaming concert event featuring Stephen Philips as the headliner. The event, called "A Walk On The Dark Side" will feature "An evening of ambient music." See the poster here and get your tickets today... uh ok, no tickets necessary.
10/15/09 JUST ANNOUNCED: Coming in December, the exciting new CD from Stephen Philips and Numina titled "Domain Of The Ancestors"... more on this later
10/13/09 Well the release parties continue in October as they have been throughout September. This week brings a new CD to the group, the latest offering from EXCELSIOR called "On The Down Low".
9/9/09 Lots of new stuff going up on the site and many new releases to be unveiled over the next few weeks. I will try to list them here:
September 15 : Stephen Philips - A Distinct Line on The Horizon
September 22 : Palancar - Enlightenment
September 29 : Lucette Bourdin - Drum-atic Atmospheres
September 29 : Multifaction - Ceremony
October 6 : Frore - The Nameless Place
October 13 : Excelsior - On The Down Low
October 27 : Philips / Bolander - Lost Nightmares
November : L:|t - falling apart
November : Multifaction - Dhulm
9/1/09 Several new tracks up on the Drone Download Project page and more to come as I try to catch up with the backlog :) Also, I'm hoping to have the Year 6 CD out sometime this fall and it will have lots of new, previously unreleased tracks.
8/31/09 Ok, it's been a weird summer but we're back in full swing, hopefully, and ready to get some CDs out the door that you've been eagerly anticipating. We have a new CD from Palancar, a new one from Lucette Bourdin and many other surprises on the horizon. Also, we hope to get back into releasing some of those Multifaction CDs that have been sitting on the back burner.
6/15/09 2 new CDs out this week, the debut CD from Perimeter called "Beyond The Perimeter" and the latest from Multifaction called "Rafah Tunnels." And for those wondering when the Drone Download Project page will be updated, all I can say is VERY SOON :)
4/28/09 A few more Multifaction CDs have been released. "Baraazag" and "Water In The Sand"... 2 very excellent multicultural explorations we are sure you will enjoy.
3/1/09 Out now, a new series of CDs from Multifaction. Multifaction is a group of socially and sonically conscious individuals who have a passion for ethnic and world music. Their music predominately spotlights middle eastern rhythms and themes. We are set to release a bunch of new music from this very talented duo from New York so check back often. First up is "Golden Dome" and sound samples are up now.
2/14/09 Out this week... More then 2 years in the making, it's the first collaboration between Stephen Philips and Drone Forest called "Blurring The Edges." These talents seemlessly blend sounds to create an ooze of textural goodness previously unheard on any level. The
2/9/09 Out today, a new digitally downloadable release, Part 5 in Stephen Philips' INSTALLATIONS Series. More deep chill and textured bliss.
1/30/09 2 new releases to mention. Coming out February 3rd it's the 2nd CD from Nephets Blip. This one is called "Rocan Frhetalon" and continues in their minimal, micro ambient sound. Another amazing set of digital weirdness. Listen to the sound samples to get an idea. The next item of note hitting the streets on February 10th is the 4th CD from the very talented Lucette Bourdin. This one is called "Under Currents" and features more of her amazing blissful ambient.
1/27/09 Well it finally happened. 2 very old (I'm not going to call them classic) Stephen Philips releases that were never officially released on CD, are now available on CD for the first time. Any CDs you've seen of these before now were bootlegs as they have never been issued on CD until now. What am I talking about? Well the "Out of Phase" stuff of course. The somewhat mysterious releases were only ever released on cassette. Back in 1994/1995 these 2 releases came out and in very strict limited editions and they sold out rather quickly. Here they are back again, for a limited time I imagine. Get em while you can.
1/6/09 Happy new year. We're pleased to announce a new artist to the Dark Duck Records roster. Nephets Blip is the name and they bring us some very nice minimal micro ambient, textured drone, clicks, bleeps and all the various oddities you've come to expect from Dark Duck Records. Their debut CD is out now called "Datacenet".
11/22/08 Out now, Rigel Orionis - The Anatomy of Zen (Parts 1 and 2). These 2 CDs represent some outstanding deep textured drone and are highly recommend for individuals that like deep drone textures.
11/2/08 Out this week, Volume 2 and Volume 3 of Stephen Philips' ongoing series "From The Vaults." These releases feature previously unreleased material from the vaults of Dark Duck Records. Many recorded more then a decade ago and somehow lost among all the other footage tapes, discs, and other oddities. This material gets a fresh new look and clean re-mastering. But there is a certain amount of raw analog originality here, we didn't want to digitize it too much. We think the end result is quite faithful to the original.
10/7/08 Out today, the last release from Australia's own Soul In Limbo. This one is called "Driven By Thanatos" and features some nicely chilled out dark ambient. Also out today, the 3rd collaboration between Numina and Stephen Philips titled "Descent of The Falcon." This CD represents a sort of part 1 of 2. The 2nd release from these sessions will be out around December.
09/26/08 Two new eagerly anticipated CDs are in my hands now and ready for shipping the first part of next week. The latest offering from Lucette Bourdin called "Ancient Memories" and the 10th anniversary edition reissue of Stephen Philips' "Avalon Chill." Previous owners of "Avalon Chill" will want to pick this one up as it has been remastered and sonicly enhanced. The track "Mt Aida Chill" has also been restored to its full-length and the whole package has gotten a big facelift with some really nice phots and graphics.
09/16/08 Lots of new tracks uploaded to the Drone Download Project page so be sure to check it out and check back frequently as we are in the process of uploading a lot of new material. Also the Year 5 release will be out sometime before the end of the year, we promise :) and a Year 6 will come out in 2009, but probably not until summer or early autumn, just so you know.
09/01/08 Well it's that time of year to crank up the release machine. There will be many new exciting things coming out this fall that have been in the works for the past year. The new collaboration with Numina, a new Lucette Bourdin CD, a new Soul In Limbo CD and many other cool things. I've also just updated the Drone Download Project with a few new tracks and there will be more coming out in the next few weeks. I know you're also wondering about the DDP Year 5 CD. That's still in the works but we are now considering combining Year 5 and 6 and release it in January 2009.
03/18/08 Ok, the official Ambient Poetry site is now up and we are currently accepting submissions for publication. Any and all poems, prose and other writings will be considered. Visit the site for more information about where and how to submit your material.
03/07/08 Just added some Hypnos CDs to the online store. Also added some Numina CDs. Lots of good stuff up there and it is all more or less recommended. If I didn't love it and think you would too, I would not be selling it in my store.
03/05/08 I'm not sure why I'm doing this but I've added another new section to the site called "Ambient Poetry." Not sure what the point of this is outside of my strange attempts at poetry. Over the years I've written several hundred poems. Most of which have never seen the light of day and never will. Some were songs from my Troubled Thought days. On the ambient poetry page, I will present all NEW and very strange things. As for the older poems, maybe they'll be published some day.
03/04/08 I've put up a new section on the site called VIDEOS where I've spotlighted a few ambient videos from our very own Lucette Bourdin. These 2 videos feature Lucette's music as well as her artwork. We hope to post more of these from Lucette and perhaps other artists in the near future as we develop this portion of the Dark Duck Records site.
02/12/08 Several new tracks posted to the Drone Download Project page, and for those wondering about the DDP Year 5 CD, it is in the works right now and should be available in a month or 2. For this CD we are loading it up with a BUNCH of new previously unreleased, unheard and never posted tracks we're sure you will love. More on that later.
02/09/08 In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we will be re-issuing a few CDs that have been out of print for awhile now, namely Mile High Chill 1, Mile High Chill 2, and Avalon Chill. Mile High Chill 1 is available now and 2 as well as Avalon will be issued in a few months.
02/02/08 Happy new year, ok so I'm a month late. Well it's now 2008 which means a few things. First this year marks the 20th anniversary of Dark Duck Records so we'll be doing a few cool things to celebrate this year. More on that later.
11/23/07 We've just added 2 new BOX SETS to the store in addition to the already available Dreams Box and Cycles Box. Now we have a new box set for Stephen Philips' Installations Series, as well as an Experimental Psychology Box. Check it out.
11/22/07 Well things seem to happen in chunks around here for one reason or another. Out now and ready for ordering are 3 brand spankin new releases that have been in the works for awhile. First up is "Installations 4" which is the continuation in the series of virtual installation pieces. Next up is Experimental Psychology's triumphant return with the massive double disc set "Fatal Sophisticated." Then the most recent offering is the new and first ever collaboration between Stephen Philips and Ben Fleury-Steiner called "Geoflexures." Click on the links for more info. That's it for now, lots more stuff coming in December and January.
10/2/07 Out now, the latest CD from Lucette Bourdin called "Stories From The City." An excellent followup to the sucessful "Rising Fog." Both CDs available now.
9/19/07 The Stephen Philips CD "Into The Dark" has been officially released on Hypnos Records, and available now through the Dark Duck Records online store. A long-time in coming, we think this one was worth the wait. It has been properly aged and is now ready for human consumption.

Lots of exciting news. We're finally getting around to rolling out some of the releases that have been in the works for awhile. Several new things from Stephen Philips including the new dark spacey long-form work "Stygian", the dark experimental ambient "Under The Red River" which are both available now. Now available for pre-order are "The Sobbing Stone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" from Stephen Philips which is set to be released 25 September 2007 to coincide with the mass market release of the DVD (check Amazon.com and others). Also coming in October is a new CD from Lucette Bourdin titled "Stories From The City."

The next few months will see new releases from Soul In Limbo as well as Stephen Philips' "Installations 4" and "Otherworldly 4" releases.

8/27/07 Just uploaded to the Drone Download Project page with several new, very excellent tracks from 4 very talented artists. A new track from Matt Borghi called "092501" and another new track from Austere called "Fasciculate." Also included here are a new long-form deep drone from Rigel Orionis and a heavenly piece from Darkened Soul. Have at it! :)
8/15/07 Out now, the latest offering from Stephen Philips titled "Soliton." This one is available through the Earth Mantra label and available for free download, have at it :)
8/8/07 We are pleased to announce the latest installment of the ever popular Palandrone series. Palandrone 3 is now up on the Drone Download Project Page. Enjoy.
8/2/07 Greetings. Just a quick note to let you all know what the DDP Year 4 data CD is in the works and will hopefully be out soon. Sorry for the delay but there have been so many things going on, finalizing the DDP Year 4 has been a problem, but it will happen and soon. In other news I'm trying to finalize the CD for my score for the film "The Sobbing Stone" which is set to be released on DVD sometime this September. The DVD will be available from Amazon.com and the other usual outlets, the CD of the score (along with some bonus stuff that did not appear in the film) will be available through Dark Duck Records. More on that later as I know more.
7/23/07 The latest release from Experimental Psychology is due out in the next few weeks. This double disc set called "Fatal Sophisticated." (more info and sound samples up soon) In celebration of the new release, Experimental Psychology presented a live 2 hour concert on Kite Radio last week. The show was recorded and will be made available as a 2 CD set sometime later this year.
7/3/07 Wow, ok, so it's been awhile. Things are crazy busy around here as always so I apologize for any delays in updating things. I'm hoping to catch up on a lot this month. I've just added 4 new tracks to the Drone Download Project page. I think you will really like these. Included are tracks from Beatslaughter, Rigel Orionis, Soul In Limbo, and a new long-form Constant variation from Perimeter called "The Ravine" or aka Constant 8. Enjoy, and I hope to get more up soon as well as get the DDP Year 4 CD out the door soon. New CDs from Soul In Limbo and Lucette Bourdin are also on the horizon, as well as a few other things.
2/19/07 Out now on Dissonance Records, 2 new releases from Stephen Philips. The first is a digital-download-only EP called "The Atonal EP." Also out now, the new full-length and eagerly anticipated "Creampuff Casper Milk-Toast." Sound samples are up now.
01/23/07 Out now, a trio of releases and fresh new faces to Dark Duck Records. First off is "Diffusing The Light" from the very talented Soul In Limbo. A native of Australia. Next is "Rising Fog" from Lucette Bourdin. Lucette, a French native, is also a very talented painter who has had many art shows. And lastly is a new series from Stephen Philips called "From The Vaults" that finds Stephen digging through the vast DDR archives and revisiting some old material.
10/26/06 Only 1 copy of the out of print Oophoi set remains. If you'd like this FINAL set, please grab it ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Out today is the new CD from Stephen Philips titled "Confabulation." An excellent set of semi-experimental groovy ambient tones and textures. Sure to delight on all levels. Also, tonight on Kite Radio we will be debuting the all new DRONE DOWNLOAD PROJECT Year 3 Megamix. An almost 2 hour mix of all the tracks from Year 3 of the project plus a few extras thrown in. The full-length mix will be available for download in a few weeks, but tune in tonight to hear the whole thing.

We are currently in production of the debut SOUL IN LIMBO CD. More info on this later but look for an early November Release. Also out in November will be Stephen Philips' CD score to the film "The Sobbing Stone."

10/17/06 Been awhile since the last update. We've got a few things to announce. Two new tracks on the Drone Download Project page, One of them is by Palancar (with Stephen Philips). Speaking of Stephen Philips, his new CD "Confabulation" is due out in early November. The other DDP track is by Soul In Limbo. Speaking of Soul in Limbo, his debut CD will also be out in November. More on these new releases soon.

New Palancar track just uploaded to the Drone Download Project page.
Also, we still have 2 sets of the collection of out of print OOPHOI CDs. Better hurry if you want these limited edition out of print classics.


Out today is a special limited edition set of out of print Oophoi CDs, click HERE for more info on this.

Also out today, Complexities, the new collaboration CD between Rigel Orionis and Stephen Philips.

8/21/06 Several new tracks have been posted to the Drone Download Project page and many more will be posted in the next few weeks as I finally am starting to get caught up with that. :)

The limited edition Stephen Philips' classic "Placid Repose" CD which was released 2 years ago through Gears of Sand, is now available in an extremely limited 2nd pressing. We only have a few copies and when they're gone, they're gone, so if you want to get them, please do so ASAP.

On the horizon and to be released the end of August is the collaboration between Stephen Philips and Rigel Orionis titled "Complexities." More on this later.

7/11/06 Been a pretty crazy busy time around here. Inside and Outside volume 5 will be going out in about a week. A new Stephen Philips track has just been uploaded to the Drone Download Project page.
4/4/06 Tonight on Kite Radio, a classic FAX Records mix. Part 1 in a series label-spotlight on FAX. The next Fax mix will be sometime in May/June
3/31/06 New tracks have been uploaded to the Drone Download Project page. Up today is a new Rigel Orionis track.
3/30/06 The eagerly-anticipated Drone Download Project Year 3 MP3 CD is now available. Cover image, track info, etc. is forthcoming.
3/19/06 The 2 CD split release with Mystified and Stephen Philips is ready to ship now. Details here.
3/11/06 Inside and Outside Volume 4 has been shipped. Volume 5 should be ready by Mid-April.
3/6/06 Next up on the docket is the split release "Two Days / Day Three" double CD split release from Stephen Philips and Mystified, then Volume 5 of I&O. The collab with Rigel Orionis has been pushed back to late April and we're hoping to stick to that, and then hopefully the debut CD from Soul In Limbo but we don't want to promise too much at this point :)
2/23/06 In production is the Stephen Philips CD "Brokenness: Piano Miniatures." This CD was recorded approximately 5 years ago and was intended as the followup to the "In The Moonlight" CD. The project was shelved due to some technical difficulties in audio processing. Now 5 years later, with the advance of computer audio editing software, we've been able to clean up the recordings and are now able to present this amazing music in the way it was intended to be heard. This CD should be ready early sometime in May/June of this year.

Inside and Outside is currently in production and should go out in a week or 2. Upcoming CDs include the "Two Days / Day Three" double CD split release from Stephen Philips and Mystified as well as the first collaboration between Rigel Orionis and Stephen Philips, both due out in March. More information on these later. Also the Stephen Philips collaboration with Ben Fleury-Steiner, originaly intended as a Dark Duck Records release, will now be released on the Gears of Sand label.

Kite Radio this week featured a new long-form work by Stephen Philips. The working title is "Love Hurts" (that will likely change) and this release should see the light of day sometime in the near future, likely issued as a downloadable due to its length (a little over 2 hours).

2/7/06 Inside and Outside Volume 4 is in production and should go out in the next week or 2. Dead links for the DDP Year 1 and Year 2 mega mixes have been fixed and the tracks have been re-uploaded. Information on the Year 3 CD and mega mix are forthcoming.
1/17/06 Out this week is Stephen Philips 3rd installment in the Otherworldly series. This time offered up as a downloadable release. This volume is the most ambient and tranquil of the discs in the series.
1/16/06 Starting this week, Kite Radio moves back to its *original* timeslot of 10:00 PM EST.
12/28/05 Whew, ok, so it's been awhile. Been too busy for my own good. Inside and outside volume 3 goes out this week. Volume 4 should be out in January, then 5 in February. The Drone Download Project Year 3 CD will likely be out in Feb or March. Probably early March. Lots of other cool stuff on the horizon, but I'll save that till next time.
8/29/05 Two great new tracks have been added to the Drone Download Project. First is our 100th release. A new artist going by the name of SOUL IN LIMBO, and another track from DDP contributor MYSTIFIED.
8/22/05 Installations 3 has now been released. Check the page for more info on this very special release.

Just uploaded a new track to the Drone Download Project. SunDummy's "In a Dark Forgotten Corner of The Universe" is now ready for download. Enjoy.

3 New tracks have been uploaded to the Drone Download Project today. A new Darkened Soul track, a track from an artist new to the DDP, who goes by the name of NA-KOJA-ABAD and Stephen Philips' Drone 22. All 3 tracks will be featured on Kite Radio this week.
8/2/05 Tonight on Kite Radio, a huge set of tribal ambient. I will also be spinning a few NEW Drone Download Project tracks that have not yet been posted to the site. So if you'd like a preview of the material, be sure to tune in anytime before 10:00PM EDT to join the fun.
7/25/05 Just uploaded a new track to the Drone Download Project, Stephen Philips Drone 21. A 28 minute magnum opus of environmental drone.
7/24/05 Coming up this week on Kite Radio, an hour devoted to environmental ambient featuring an all new track from Stephen Philips from a new series of environmental drone simply called "Outside" and we are devoting hour #2 to guitar ambient and textures.
7/16/05 Welcome to the new darkduck.net! We've dome some major overhauling and we're happy to bring you this new, easy to use format. We'll have more pages and content posting as time goes on, so check back often. If you have any questions or comments, let us know. Enjoy!
7/14/05 Dagboken, the new release from Stephen Philips, is now out on Hypnos Secret Sounds imprint. We have copies in stock now, so go to the store page and get the low-down on this exciting new release!
6/27/05 The new rework piece "Faded" is a collaboration between the artist Austere and Stephen Philips. this collection of "reworked" pieces from Austere's CD, "FADE", is a featured release on Dark Duck, so check out the store and listen to the samples. You'll definately want to get this in your collection.
6/23/05 Ben Summer's new release, "Unlistenable", is now available on Dissonance records. This unique blend of guitar treatments is definately worth checking out, so go to the Dissonance store page and order your copy today!
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