FRORE - The Nameless Place


01 Field and Thorn
02 Distant Shimmer
03 The Fading Shore
04 Undertow
05 Long Sky
06 Standing on Soft Ground
07 Finding The Way Back
08 Afterglow


Frore is Paul Casper, a self taught electronic "musician" from Virginia Beach VA.

His love of electronic sounds began with a school trip to the planetarium and when his older sister told him about a radio show called "Hearts of Space". . . . combined with a interest in other cultures, different forms of musical expression and a youth spent, watching way too much Archeology and Nature shows, listening to too much industrial music and being generally, slightly gloomy, all of these things started to brew and simmer inside Paul over the years until in December of 2007 He decided to take a pause from writing EBM and Industrial music to focus on Ambient. . . .

Almost everything on Earth's surface has been explored . . . science has given us many answers for why things are the way they are. . . . what's left?

Frore is music that evokes a dark thoughtful, primitive, atmosphere for reflection and/or dreaming. Paul thinks it's music that connects with "something", but he has yet to figure out what that is. . . . Oh well, one more mystery is always welcome.

Is it music for the world before us, or for the tribes of tomorrow? Either way it's music that respects how small we are in world that - while getting smaller - is still pretty damn big and still mysterious. Frore hopes to put some of that mystery back in your world.

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