LILT - Minor Mistakes [Nov 2010]

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01 Elixer of Noise
02 It Is All Around You
03 Lost In Memory
04 Between Light and Shade
05 Stranger In a Strange Land
06 Elemental Rift (Part 1)
07 The Prelude
08 The Days Pass
09 Stolen Pieces
10 Elemental Rift (Part 2)
11 The Nights Pass


Frore is Paul Casper, a self taught electronic "musician" from Virginia Beach VA.

Lilt is about that bug smear streak thingy on your windshield, the thumb prints left on the back of the iPod that won't go away no matter what, that little rattle your dvd player keeps making, the flickering street lamps and that weird tiny shiny gravel that accumulates at the edge of the interstate. Tiny things that don't matter at all. . . or mater quite a bit?

Surrounded by a world that never seems to work out quite right, Lilt is a mix of melancholy melodies swaying to and fro and stuttering beats on the edge of breaking down. It's all falling apart around us. . . But it sure is fun to watch.

"Minor Mistakes" is the second CD release from Lilt and we expect to hear many more great things from this very talented artist.

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