STEPHEN PHILIPS - Fugue States Volume 3 (November 2012)

Fugue States 3 cover

$ 12.99

01  Distorted Reality  22:09
02  Tardive Dyskinesia  5:22
03  Dreamtime Hallucinations  11:59
04  Pheromonal Phobia  9:18
05  Somatosensory Extinction  9:05
06  Cognitive Dissonance  7:56
07  Dissociative Amnesia  5:40

In 2010 Stephen Philips' music began to take a few artistic turns as he began exploring with several new themes. He desired to take his music in new directions never before (or rarely before explored).  New experiments in music creation, new styles and methods of composition combined with new processing techniques began to dictate the path.  What came from this was 2 new musical paths which we believe you will like.  The first exploration revolves around the idea of the Fugue State. Fugue, in this sense, not resembling the musical fugue, but rather the fugue state, being defined as:

A neurological state in which a person denies memory of activities for a period of hours to weeks; to external appearances these activities were either completely normal or the person disappeared and traveled extensively; most are functional

In other words, he has created music with a jarring sense of disorientation through the use of experimental themes, exotic textures, and ambient music.  We think you will enjoy this strange journey through some disturbing sound worlds.

This release represents Volume 3 of these explorations and picks up right where Volume 2 left off.

The other musical path that Stephen began exploring can be found HERE.


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