Golden Dome (multi001)
Baraazag (multi002)
Water In The Sand (multi003)
Rafah Tunnels (multi004)
Mosque (multi005)
Ceremony (multi006)
Dhulm (multi007)
Trial and Error (multi008)
Bedouin (multi009)
Remixes Vol 1 (multi010)
Nomad (multi011)
Journalism In Gaza (multi012)

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MULTIFACTION - Journalism In Gaza (limited edition: 100 copies)

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01 Typecasting
02 Typesetter
04 Transient

out of print. limited quantities remain.

Here we present the 12th CD from the exciting new talent, Multifaction. Multifaction is a group of socially and sonically conscious individuals who have a passion for ethnic and world music. Their music predominately spotlights middle eastern rhythms and themes, while they clearly state that they have no political agenda and seek nothing more then peace and harmony among all individuals regardless of religion, race or creed. They make no bones about the fact that trailblazers such as Muslimgauze were a big influence on them musically in the early days and this influence is clearly heard in their music. This musical style and offering presents a bit of a departure for us at Dark Duck Records and we hope you will find many gems in this new sound.

Multifaction have been very busy over the last few years and have many CDs ready for release.

At the artists request, all of the CDs from Multifaction will be issued in strict limited edition quantities. Currently only 100 copies of each title will be issued and they're likely to sell out fast, so grab them up while you can because we cannot guarentee availability of these titles. Thanks.

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