STEPHEN PHILIPS - Wall of Drones [2011] MP3 DATA CD

STEPHEN PHILIPS - Wall of Drones [2011 MP3 Data Disc]

$ 15.99

01 Wall of Drones 1 [69:18]
02 Wall of Drones 2 [79:48]
03 Wall of Drones 3 [76:16]
04 Wall of Drones 4 [137:22]

MP3 Data CD (Like the Drone Download Project discs) containing 6 Hours of minimal ambient drones.

Stephen Philips, the master of ambient drone returns with a massive set of drones that could only be released as an mp3 data CD. Consisting of 4 long-form tracks and extended excursions into the nether realms. Stephen takes us on a journey here, one to the outer darkness of space, to the edge of complete and utter silence. Stephen never lets go of the tether though and as always, in the end, he brings us right back where we started, safe and sound. So fear not and join us for this fascinating journey. If you like drone, you won’t be disappointed.



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