STEPHEN PHILIPS - Desert Landscapes 2 [2014]

desert landscapes cover

01 Bluebell Knoll 12:37
02 Kayenta 9:34
03 Black Mesa 9:48
04 Moab 9:46
05 Tonopah 9:50
06 Dry Lake 9:38
07 Black Canyon 9:42

In 1999 I released a CD called “Desert Landscapes” which featured ambient and minimal drones inspired by the desert southwest. The feedback was instantly positive with reviewers saying things like “Philips has captured a strangely beautiful ambience that truly whisks the listener away and changes the ambience of their living space as well as their mind space. This is an extremely peaceful recording that has an air of optimism and patience that seems to emanate from the very sound of Philips' well-chosen and slowly evolving sonorous timbres.” [Matt Borghi] Other reviewers and radio stations had similar praise for the work. Over the last 10 years I have attempted to create a sequel to this CD and have never managed to put together a work I felt worthy of the title “Desert Landscapes 2” ... until recently. About a year ago (early 2013) I began working on material that was drawing me toward the desert. As I worked on the music it morphed into what we have here. I then realized that I had created what I believe to be a worthy successor to the original classic Desert Landscapes. I hope I’m right.

As I approached release #300 in the Dark Duck Records catalog I knew the time was right to finally unveil the successor, so here it is. Enjoy.



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