SYLKEN - PiNG (live)


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Sylken - PiNG ~ live soundshapes ... immersive atmospheres of lush
shape-changing musicality

"Sylken is one of those artists that somehow manages to blend drone with
spacemusic to an astounding effect and this CD is one of the finest examples of his work."
~ Stephen Philips, Dark Duck Records ~

"PiNG is a stunning live presentation ... Sylken fully captures the magic of
ambient performance and the beauty of space."
~ rik maclean ... Ping Things ~

"I can't believe you play this live ... so many rich, interesting things
going on and the sound is really good."
~ Sara Ayers ... vocalist, composer, recording artist ~

"Sylken proves that they are a group which excels at pushing the envelope
of live ambient music."
~ Bill Binkelman ... Wind & Wire ~

"PiNG is the thing for those deep space floatations right in your head."
~ David J Opdyke ... AmbiEntrance ~

"PiNG is loaded with great experimental atmospheres and deep e-music."
~ Jim Brenholts ... The Ambient Navigator ~

"Sylken has captured the true spirit of live ambience and takes the listener
on lush journeys of inner space. This is the epitome of drifting
free-spirited ambient music ... PiNG is a must-have."
~ Mark Mahoney ... The Amaranth Signal ~

"One of the BEST instrumental ambient works I've ever heard. You not
only hear this music, you can see and feel it. Five stars, my friends, five
~ Caesar Ursic ~

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