ISOMORPH - The Black Chasm (re-issue)


1. The Black Chasm

2. Bottom of The Chasm

3. Ascemt of The Chasm

In 2001, Isomorph released an amazing CD of deep drone in the blackest sense. The CD was pressed on a pure black disc which just made the blackness even blacker. Some time later, the CD went out of print and was no longer being offered for sale. We here at Dark Duck Records thought that was just a crime, so we set out to re-release the CD. While we were at it, we decided to do a little remastering on the thing. Not much, just enough to give it that little extra something. So after 8 years, we are proud to bring you, once again, this drone classic from 2001.

The Black Chasm is more enigmatic dark minimalism from one of the new
practitioners of the craft - Isomorph, nee Bill Kendall..... the real treat and beauty here is the music. this is total darkness and a complete vacuum. There is no saving grace.

Years ago, there were frenetic rides at amusement parks that were designed to scare the bejesus out of little kids. Today the rides are more sophisticated and do not rely speed or sudden changes of pace for the fear factor. The modern rides are like mystery novels where the plot has a chance to develop. This CD would be the perfect soundtrack for such a ride or even for a movie. The suspense builds and builds with no dénouement or crescendo. Given new millennium gadgetry and technology, the ideal setting or scenery would be a deep spacescape or sci-fi adventure. This is the perfect soundtrack for a futuristic sci-fi outer space whodunit.

Bill shows great promise with this, his second release. Fans and deep
listeners anticipate great things from this minimalist.

- Jim Brenholts





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